Artificial Intelligence

Enabling businesses to streamline processes and boost productivity by taking full advantage of AI

We can help you identify the right AI methods and technologies to make the most of your data, use machine learning techniques to automate quality control and inspection processes or explore autonomous vehicle technology. We have expertise in natural language processing, which can be used to create chatbots and intelligent advisors, alongside sentiment analysis and automatic summarisation to help identify relevant changes in fast-moving global regulations, such as customs, health and safety or data protection. Let us be your expert guide and make AI work for you!

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Why we should support SMEs to adopt AI

Data-driven AI technologies have the potential to significantly improve the outlook for small businesses, by enhancing productivity, strengthening resilience and creating a strong competitive edge. But are SMEs ready to fully embrace AI? 

Key milestones in project to develop AI conveyancing solutions

Collaborative Conveyancing Limited, the conveyancing technology pioneer, has won a substantial Innovate UK grant in partnership with the STFC Hartree Centre, and completed a fundraising round to enable it to further develop its work to help conveyancers reduce the pressures in the system through the use of AI.