​Exploiting the opportunities presented by high-performance computing, data science and artificial intelligence (AI) technologies is the key to faster innovation, more confident decision making, sustainable operations and increased competitive advantage. 

These technologies are continuing to transform the innovation landscape, using the speed of supercomputers and state of the art data analysis and visualisation to revolutionise traditional R&D methods to reduce costs while increasing accuracy and productivity.

We are making the power of advanced digital technologies accessible to industry – lowering the barriers to their use and focusing on market-led research, innovation and development challenges to support business and economic growth. ​

Two supercomputer racks illuminated in blue light.

High Performance Computing

A man and a woman looking at a big data visualisation on a curved screen that fills the entire room

Data Science

Abstract neon lights in swirling shapes

Artificial Intelligence

A complex network of chrome pipework.

Full Stack Software & Data Engineering

A man and woman standing in front of a visualisation screen bigger than they are, looking at streamlines over a motorbike simulation.


Abstract image of fibre optics and light bursts

Emerging Technologies