Digital transformation starts with data quality

We worked with Altus Group to develop an automated data extraction, validation and transformation pipeline to improve data quality and save valuable time and staff effort.

Credit: Pexels – Elevate Digital


In an increasingly data-driven market, businesses need confidence in the quality of their data to make effective decisions. New companies may take a clean-sheet approach when it comes to collecting the data they need, but existing businesses often have legacy systems containing data of mixed quality and value, and any low-quality data lurking within them can jeopardise any decisions made on the whole dataset. Altus Group wanted to target and correct issues across their data more effectively – to improve the quality of their existing information and to ensure new data arriving from external sources was of acceptable quality before it was loaded into their systems.​


The Hartree Centre team worked closely with​ Altus Group to investigate the existing quality of the data systems in scope and understand issues faced, then went on to propose and develop a new data extraction, validation and transformation pipeline. Rather than hard-coding business logic and risk limiting the shelf-life of a potential solution, we created a flexible framework that can be reconfigured according to application. By delivering a prototype quickly and refining through iterative testing, feedback and development cycles, the solution was effectively tailored to address the challenge. Altus Group technical staff were simultaneously trained to develop their own configurations and were comfortable taking ownership of the project outputs going forwards to maintain the system in production.​


Altus Group are now continually validating their internal data and generating weekly reports highlighting relevant issues to data owners for review. This lightweight system can run at laptop scale and is capable of screening hundreds of thousands of records within minutes, freeing up valuable staff time and effort, with resulting data quality improvements underpinning core business activities. The flexibility and extensibility built into​ the project from the outset has enabled the Altus Group team to apply the new system to new datasets. In a single day, the team established a new data ingestion and validation workflow, effectively automating a previously manual data ingestion process.​

“Altus Group have benefited from immediate efficiency gains using the Hartree Centre’s solution, one task that previously took several months can now be completed in hours.”

William Taylor, Altus Group

“Our experience of working with the Hartree Centre has been outstanding, providing a robust and scalable solution that Altus Group can embed into our data processes delivering fast and more accurate outcomes leading to significant commercial benefits.”

Nick Wright, Altus

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