Virtual Wind Tunnel

An innovative approach to computational fluid dynamics for aerospace and automotive prototyping.

Streamline your approach to aerodynamic optimisation​

Physical wind tunnels are the tool of choice for aerodynamic testing in many domains of engineering, simulating real life wind conditions in order to assess the performance of a prototype, such as a vehicle or aeroplane wing. The results can then be used to optimise future iterations of the design. Physical wind tunnels, however, can be costly to operate and requires the extra expense and time implications of manufacturing a physical prototype before testing can begin.

A more cost-effective and time-saving alternative is to code a simulation that applies computational fluid dynamics (CFD) to a virtual design, replicating early wind tunnel tests, so you can proceed to a later stage in the optimisation process before the physical wind tunnel is needed. But what if you don’t have the expertise within your organisation to do this accurately, if at all? Your design process is prolonged, and inaccuracies could produce potentially costly failures or setbacks. 

That’s where the Hartree Centre comes in.

Make life easier

What if you could take sixteen command lines down to one or two, removing the complexity of a virtual wind tunnel simulation for a non-technical user, but run the same high quality simulation and generate the same valuable outputs?

The virtual wind tunnel will run your simulation time and cost-effectively using our powerful high performance computing infrastructure and generate a data file for an engineer to use as they wish, e.g. in open source software such as Paraview or into VR.​

What’s more, our virtual wind tunnel interface doesn’t block access to the code for developers, so it is suitable for both the most inexperienced beginners to expert level users.

How it works​

The Hartree Centre has taken a reliable, well-supported open source computational fluid dynamics (CFD) engine and built a comprehensive automated workflow around it, allowing near-instantaneous simulation capability. Our virtual wind tunnel takes care of as many steps in the simulation process as possible for you, resulting in a faster, more streamlined approach.

A complementary partner to physical wind tunnels

Our goal is not to replace physical wind tunnel testing, but to help you to optimise your mesh at an earlier stage of the design process. We want you to be more certain of the performance of your design before the first prototype is even built, reducing the number of potentially expensive repeat physical tests required to optimise and reach the best possible final outcome.

Why go virtual?

  • Saves you time and money
  • Ease of use from beginner to expert level
  • No licence cost
  • No physical prototype required
  • No limitations for more technical users

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