Beginner’s Guide to Machine Learning and Data Science

Self-Learning Course

Take this course at your own pace through pre-recorded video and online resources.

A man and a woman looking at some code on a large screen

This course will introduce you to some techniques of data science and machine learning, and the kind of problems it can solve. It is suitable for all, but will particularly appeal to those managing technical teams, those wishing to get an overview of what data science could do for their organisation, or anyone wishing for a bite-sized practical guide to applying machine learning to real-world challenges. 

In this Introductory level course, you will discover:

  • The different types of data analytics and shown how they can be applied to industry challenges to provide productivity benefits to their business.
  • How to investigate data sets to find useful lines of inquiry and identify potential problems 
  • Time series data – has the data changed over time? Does it change through the year? 
  • Understanding the steps in building a predictive model 
  • What types of model are there, and when is it appropriate to use them? 

Pre-requisites: None

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