Partnership boosts UK access to most powerful quantum technologies

A new collaboration between the Hartree Centre and Quantinuum aims to empower UK businesses to explore routes to quantum advantage

colourful quantum chip

UK industry and researchers will gain unparalleled access to the world’s most powerful quantum computers through a new agreement between the Science and Technology Facilities Council’s (STFC) Hartree Centre and Quantinuum, a global leader in quantum computing.

This collaboration aims to expand access to industry-leading quantum computing hardware for businesses and scientific researchers, supporting the UK’s roadmap to achieving quantum advantage.

Quantum advantage marks the point where a quantum computer can perform specific tasks faster and more accurately than the best classical computers can do alone.

Top-tier technology

Under the agreement, Quantinuum will make available its highest performing H1-Series quantum hardware to STFC’s Hartree Centre, which will be accessible to users via the cloud or on-premise. 

This partnership will empower UK businesses and research organisations to explore routes to quantum advantage in areas such as:

  • quantum chemistry
  • computational biology
  • quantum artificial intelligence
  • quantum-augmented cybersecurity

The UK already holds a strong global reputation in each of these domains and quantum computing is expected to accelerate their development in the coming years.

A quantum revolution

Quantinuum’s H-Series quantum computers have consistently held the world record for ‘Quantum Volume’, a widely used benchmark for quantum computing performance, for over three years.

Raj Hazra, CEO of Quantinuum, said: “Research and scientific discovery are central to our culture at Quantinuum, and we are proud to support the pioneers at the Hartree Centre.

“As we prepare for quantum computers to reach their full potential, the Hartree Centre and the UK quantum ecosystem will be on the forefront of building solutions powered by quantum computers at scale.” 

Boosting economic growth

Located at STFC’s Daresbury Laboratory, at Sci-Tech Daresbury in the Liverpool City Region, the Hartree Centre is a major UK supercomputing centre dedicated to industry engagement.

It is home to some of the UK’s most advanced supercomputing experts and technologies, from Artificial Intelligence to data analytics.

By providing industry access to advanced high-performance computing technologies, expertise, and training, it aims to significantly boost UK economic growth.

Pioneering quantum synergy

Kate Royse, Director of the STFC Hartree Centre, said:

“Here at the Hartree Centre, we are extremely excited to partner with Quantinuum in our mission to help UK industry and researchers realise the potential of quantum computing. Access to Quantinuum’s quantum technologies will significantly benefit research in areas such as exascale computing algorithms, fusion energy development, climate resilience, and more. This partnership is also a key component of our five-year plan to unlock the high-growth potential of advanced digital technologies for UK industry. Quantum computing is set to change the world we live in, to transform industry and change our lives for the better. Together, we are creating a powerful synergy that aims to keep the UK at the forefront of this transformative field.”

The agreement also supports the UK’s National Quantum Strategy, which includes a mission to establish the UK as the go-to place for quantum businesses.

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