Hartree Centre at MOVE: mobility re-imagined 2023 | Round up

We applied machine learning to optimise taxi car allocation with start-up Jyrney at the MOVE: mobility re-imagined conference in London. 

Daniel Price and Tim Powell presenting at the MOVE conference

The MOVE: mobility re-imagined conference is the world’s number one tech mobility and start-up show, where they promote sustainable urban transport and bring together disruptors, stakeholders and emerging technology. 

We presented with project partner Jyrney to talk about how we helped them optimise mobility for taxi hire companies and improve customer experience with machine learning. 

Jyrney is a ground transport booking and management company looking to transform the private hire industry by providing a comprehensive mobility platform bringing together taxi, chauffeur and private hire. 

Tim Powell sharing how we supported Jyrney at our MOVE presentation

Tim Powell our Automotive Specialist spoke about how data scientists at the Hartree Centre developed a machine learning algorithm and an application programming interface (API) to map and process taxi journeys. 

Using advanced data analytics techniques and by applying machine learning, it is possible to optimise taxi allocation and journeys. Enhancing the customer experience, reducing city congestion, and improving the air quality through reduced emissions.

Tim Powell
Daniel Price presenting at the MOVE conference

Daniel Price, CEO of Jyrney shared how we helped their business to grow with advance data analytics, supporting them to build: 

A smart allocation system, which spreads distribution and improves efficiencies for the passenger.

Daniel Price

After the presentation, it was interesting to talk with a couple of transport organisations about how machine learning and artificial intelligence technologies can be applied to taxi and mobility data.

Tim Powell and Daniel Price at the Jyrney table

It was great being here today to share how we support businesses like Jyrney to adopt emerging technologies to help revolutionise their industry. The MOVE conference is a great environment to learn about the cutting-edge innovation which is helping to make the transport industry become more sustainable.

Tim Powell

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