Jack Dongarra visits the Hartree Centre

We were pleased to welcome Jack Dongarra to the STFC Hartree Centre this week to meet our researchers and discuss potential future collaborations in high performance computing (HPC) and extreme scale computing.

Vassil Alexandrov (left) and Jack Dongarra, (right)

Jack Dongarra is an American University Distinguished Professor of Computer Science at the University of Tennessee and also holds appointments at Oak Ridge National Laboratory and the University of Manchester. He specializes in numerical algorithms in linear algebra, parallel computing, use of advanced-computer architectures, programming methodology, and tools for parallel computers and was responsible for the development of the Linpack benchmark test used to rank the world’s fastest supercomputers as part of the TOP500 project.​

As part of his visit to the Hartree Centre, Jack presented the latest high performance computing trends from his perspective, future requirements of the industry, and his own insights into the next stage of extreme computing.​

“It was a great pleasure to have Prof. Jack Dongarra at Hartree Centre today. It was exciting to learn about the fundamental changes that are being brought about by extreme scale computing coupled with advanced AI and data science research methods. This is changing our way of thinking and enabling the development of novel mathematical approaches, new algorithms combined with mixed precision arithmetic that can be applied to wide range of areas to tackle scientific, societal and industrial challenges efficiently.”

Vassil Alexandrov, Chief Science Officer at the Hartree Centre

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