Fundamentals of Cloud Computing

Fundamentals of Cloud Computing
Date: Fri 26 Jul 2024 - Fri 26 Jul 2024
Register by: 23 June 2024

Aimed at Independent Users, this course will take you through the full lifecycle of “model to service”, starting off with an open-source language model and going through the steps to go from a model to a fully usable deployed cloud-hosted application, ready to be integrated into a wider architecture. 

This is a practical workshop where you will take a small simple language model and wrap it up in a REST API using FastAPI, containerise it using Docker, deploy it as a cloud-native service and continuously deploy it using GitHub Actions. 

Don’t worry if you haven’t used FastAPI, Docker, GitHub Actions or cloud services before – we’ll learn about that as we go. 

Learning objectives:

Participants will gain: 
  • practical experience wrapping up machine learning models as a simple REST API with FastAPI. 

  • an understanding of what containerisation is and get practical experience containerising a Python ASGI web application. 

  • practical experience setting up continuous integration and deployment pipelines using GitHub Actions. 

  • practical experience spinning up their containerised web application as a cloud-native service. 


Basic level of programming. Familiarity with the Linux command-line and Python would be useful but not necessary.    


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