Smart Manufacturing Data Hub (SMDH)

What is the Smart Manufacturing Data Hub? 

The Smart Manufacturing Data Hub (SMDH) is supporting small and medium-sized manufacturers across the UK to become more competitive and productive through the power of data-driven technologies.

Through the programme, companies across various manufacturing sectors can access expert guidance, funding and the development of digital solutions, allowing them to explore and evaluate their existing processes, make productivity improvements and operational cost savings, de-risk investments and become more digitally aware and enabled.

What is the Hartree Centre’s role in the programme?  

The Hartree Centre team is responsible for the development of the SMDH Virtual Hub, a cloud-hosted compute platform which includes:

  • Trusted Research Environments for the secure analysis of SME manufacturing data 
  • A Data Exchange Platform for sharing of manufacturing datasets and insights 
  • Development of visualisation tools and dashboards 
  • A live data-streaming platform 
  • A community platform for UK manufacturing SMEs 

Through SMDH, the Hartree Centre also provides UK manufacturing SMEs with access to training, business support, data science experts and software engineers who work with them to establish new data-driven processes and systems, unlock new decision-making insights from their data and improve their digital maturity.

What training is available through the programme? 

Through SMDH, you have access to our industry-focussed training courses to enhance your business decisions and upskill your workforce. Our courses are suitable for ​businesses of all sizes that are ready to start exploring how they manage and use data or already actively collect and use their data for decision-making. 

Join us to learn how you can embrace data-driven manufacturing, gain unparalleled insights, and understand your processes, machinery and performance metrics in new and exciting ways. Let us help you identify inefficiencies, streamline production, improve resource allocation and enable predictive maintenance to support the sustainable growth of your organisation.


Who is involved in the Smart Manufacturing Data Hub? 

The programme is delivered by a network of partners across the UK with unique strengths and specialisms supporting businesses on the digital innovation journey.  

The programme is part of Made Smarter and funded by Innovate UK