Embedding AI solutions across UK industry​

The HNCDI EXCELERATE workstream is where we use applied research and innovation to turn good i​deas in to industry-ready solutions that address business challenges. Working closely with businesses, we lower the barriers to innovation to create enhanced products and services and generate long-term societal and economic impact, embedding AI solutions across industry.​

What’s in it for me?

Working with the HNCDI programme gets you:

  • Specific solutions using AI and Machine Learning to solve industry challenges.
  • Expertise from world-leading specialists in AI and Machine Learning.
  • Cost-effective solutions for a competitive edge and more sustainable business processes.
  • Confidentiality; all data and configuration files are returned at the end of the project.
  • A long-term, defined and simple pathway for licence of tailored solutions.

All work undertaken in HNCDI is covered by a Participation Agreement, including a Data License, depending on project requirements.

Download HNCDI EXCELERATE template Participation Agreement for industry participants.

When undertaking a HNCDI EXCELERATE project, this template agreement is between you, STFC and IBM. STFC and IBM may, at any time, revise the terms of this template agreement. This template agreement shall not constitute as a binding offer by STFC or IBM.